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Sorry, we have stopped accepting new applications.

To apply for a free website hosting: please read carefully the information provided on this page and, if you agree with our conditions, send us an email (see below) stating that you have read this page and agree with our conditions, plus the following information:
  • Your name, phone number(s), type of organization (commercial, non-profit, individual...) and:
  • If you have an existing website that you want transfer on JSM-Hosting, please provide the URL as well as your requirements in terms of hosting: space used (in MB), number of email addresses and of sub-domains.
  • If you want to create a new website and host it on JSM-Hosting AND if you have already reserved its domain name, please provide us with its domain name (with its extension), as well as a detailed explanation of your project (5 to 20 lines) and your requirements in term of hosting: space needed (in MB), as well as number of email addresses and of sub-domains.

Sorry, we have stopped accepting new applications.

Please note that we have a very strict 'NO SPAM' policy.
If your account was ever reported to be sending spams, it would automatically be suspended until you take adequate corrective actions. And at the second occurrence, it would be definitively terminated.

If you intend to send unsolicited emails, please choose another hosting provider!

You are responsible for your account's security.
We therefore ask you to promptly change your initial password to something very secure (at least 12 characters, including both uppercase and lowercase letters, figures and signs). If your account was to contain viruses or to be hacked, we would suspend it and even possibly terminate it.

Link exchange: We will link to your website in our list of websites with free hosting if, in exchange, all your webpages contain the mention "Free hosting on JSM-Hosting" (linking to This mention can be discreet and, for instance, located at the bottom of each page.

Contact email: please maintain a valid contact email address on your cPanel and inform us if you were to change email address. If we were to become incapable of contacting you by email, we may have to suspend your account and eventually terminate it.

In case of server problem: please send us an email, with your name, URL, phone number(s), and a detailed explanation of your problem, then phone us if you urgently need an answer (our phone number is at the bottom of all our emails).

We will NOT answer any other technical inquiry: please check first our technical info pages and the links provided - there is a lot of valuable information there, which should answer many of your questions. If not, check our hosting company's package description at and support pages at where you can submit a ticket if needed.
If you feel you don't have the knowledge to manage your account without our technical support, kindly choose another hosting provider.

If you have carefully read this page and agree with our conditions,
as well as for any other enquiry, please email " ".

Note that this address is hidden from many spammers' crawlers because it is crypted,
using the script algorithm gracefully provided here in English and in French.

JSM-Hosting wishes you a nice day!

Last update on 22-jan-19