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Email address crypting

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Say NO to spam : crypt your Email address on your website

Why should I crypt my email addresses on my website ?

One of the techniques spammers use the most to create an email listing is to get addresses from the web. They use "crawler" programs that scan the web and extract all the email addresses they find on websites.

An effective way of protecting your address from spammers is to crypt it: many crawlers can't decode a crypted address. To do so:

    1. Enter in the top box the HTML code containing your email address (link included).
    2. Press <Crypt HTML>, then <Select crypted>, then <ctrl C> to copy the crypted HTML code.
    3. On your web page, replace the HTML code containing your email address with the copied code.

Note that your crypted email address will be invisible with most HTML editor.
It will only appear when viewing your page with a browser.

Many thanks to CASPAM.ORG where this algorithm was found.

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Last update on 22-jan-19