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Outlook configuration

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Dear Valued Customer,

Please find below how we think (to our limited knowledge) your should configure Outlook for your email accounts hosted on JSM-Hosting.

1. Load Outlook:

  • Outlook 2003: click <Tools> -> <E-mail Accounts>
  • Outlook 2010: click <File> -> <Info> -> <Account settings>

2. Select "Add a new e-mail account" and select "POP3". Click OK. 

3. Fill in your Internet e-mail settings:

  • Your name: the name to appear when sending a message.
  • E-mail address: "mailboxname@yourdomain.ext".
  • Incoming Mail Server (POP3): "mail.yourdomain.ext".
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): "mail.yourdomain.ext".
  • Username: "mailboxname@yourdomain.ext" - NOT "mailboxname" which is Outlook's default value.
  • Password: the one you assigned when creating the mailbox in your cPanel.

4. Click on <More settings> and go to the following tabs:

  • General: enter the name you wish to see in your email accounts list.
  • Outgoing server: Select "My SMTP requires authentication" and
    "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".
  • Advanced (NEW 1/8/2020):
  • Change POP3 port to 995 and check "This server requires... SSL".
  • Change SMTP port to 465 and check "This server requires... SSL".
  • Click <OK>.

5. Click on <Test Account Settings...>: All test should perform OK - if not, check all your settings!

If the sending test still doesn't work, check that port 465 is open in your firewall. You may also ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) which SMTP port you should use.
Otherwise, you may have to use as Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) the dialup account of your ISP (for instance: "" if your ISP is Proximus). Check which one to use with your ISP.

6. Click <OK>, then <Next>: You're done!

Note that you will still be able to read your mail on the web from any PC.

For further inquiries, please contact us.

JSM-Hosting wishes you a nice day!

Last update on 26-aug-20