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Environment and Health

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List of Environment and Health websites hosted by JSM-Hosting

JSM-Hosting offers reliable free web hosting services to selected environment and health websites providing information or positions that are based on scientific knowledge. Here are the science based environment and health websites in English that we host:

  • Promoting Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)
    Because Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are much better than petrol vehicles in terms of environmental protection and energy consumption, the European Association for Battery Electric Vehicles paves the way to their successful introcution.
  • Facts on forests depletion
    You will find on, a website published by GreenFacts, some environmental aspects of Forests and Forestry, presented with the GreenFacts' copyrighted Three-Level Structure of increasing details.
  • How could traffic become both fluent and sustainable? explains how traffic in Brussels could become significantly more fluent and more sustainable at little cost...
  • Wanna buy an electric vehicle in Belgium or Luxemburg?
    If you want to drive the cleanest and most energy efficient vehicles in the world, then an electric vehicle is the solution. You may find what you need at Green Mobil, the importer and dealer of electric vehicles for BENELUX.
  • Balanced views on Environment and Health issues
    Discover on some balanced views on important environment and health issues such as climate change and cancer incidence.
  • Really Mini, Really Smart!
    Discover the REVA i, the first electric car to be commercialized worldwide. Small and agile, it is probably the fastest car in congested urban traffic!
  • What can I do against Climate Change?
    Some useful hints for students on (in French)... hosted on JSM-Hosting!

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